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Librarians' Guild History
11. Guild History

Founded: 1968

Executive Board Historical Roster 1968-2003 [EXCEL format]

Compiled by Richard Kraus for the Librarians' Guild
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Original Goals of the Librarians' Guild (1968) [pdf format]

"The Librarians' Guild: A History of the First Quarter-Century"
by Joyce Elliott
The following links provide pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) copies of the special
issue of the Communicator volume 27, number 1-2, January-June 1994.

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1. Guild History: Pages 1-10 (1967-1969)

2. Guild History: Pages 11-20 (1970-1975)

3. Guild History: Pages 21-30 (1975-1976)

4. Guild History: Pages 31-40 (1976-1981)

5. Guild History: Pages 41-50 (1981-1985)

6. Guild History: Pages 51-60 (1985-1989)

7. Guild History: Pages 61-70 (1989-1993)

8. Guild History: Pages 71-76 (1993)

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